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Our Transformational Services

Remotely or face to face, we provide three Team Transformation Services


We work directly with the whole team


We work with the team leader enabling them to transform the team


We provide you with our videos & resources enabling you to transform the teams you work with

We transform your team, we achieve exceptional results, we build Shared Identity and we coach The Seven Performance Habits of Highly Effective Teams ©.

Building Shared Identity (T.R.I.B.E)

Coaching The Seven Performance Habits of Highly Effective Teams (A.C.C.O.R.D.S)


Operations Director


“Great Leadership Teams have been supporting me with the development of my newly formed team. They are extremely knowledgeable and capable. They brought us together to help us agree our shared ambition and then helped us shift our performance so that we could achieve our shared ambition. They dramatically shortened the time it took for our group to become a cohesive and effective team adding real value through the thoughtful way they challenged and supported us. GreatLeadershipTeam.co.uk has gone on to develop a number of highly effective teams across our organisation. I highly recommend the service they provide. “

Commercial Director


“I have worked with GLT over the past few years to support the development of my senior leadership teams in both the IT and commercial arena. I have been consistently delighted with both the approach and the impact. They bring a style and a wealth of developmental ideas and sound business thinking that brought about a transformation in my business. I 100% recommend and look forward to working with them in the near future.”

IT Director

Charity Sector

“Jon at GLT takes the time to understand the people he works with, build trusting relationships and proactively supporting, mentoring and coaching those he works with, they know how to create high performing teams and help individuals be better versions of themselves. His style and approach engender great confidence and I have personally learned a great deal from working with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Jon in the future to help build my next high performing team.”

Our Edge

We have four things that give us our edge, our advantage

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We are Specialists

We build Shared Identity; we take your team from ‘I to us’

We coach The Seven Performance Habits of Highly Effective Teams ©

We use a robust evidence base


Please contact us if you want any further information on:

  • Our Transformational Services
  • Shared Identity or
  • The Seven Performance Habits of Highly Effective Teams ©

Email: enquiries@greatleadershipteams.co.uk

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Are your team members really engaged?

Are your team members really engaged?

Amy Bradley and Sharon Olivier introduce the concept of pseudo-engagement in this extract first published in the HBR. A recent global study of engagement from the ADP Research Institute found that if employees consider themselves part of a team (or even better, part...

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The Best Bosses are Humble Bosses

The Best Bosses are Humble Bosses

Very interesting article from the Wall Street Journal. More companies are screening recruits for humility at entry level... it predicts ethical behaviour and length of tenure. After decades of screening potential leaders for charm and charisma, some employers are...

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Great Leadership Teams Say These Six Things About Each Other

Great Leadership Teams Say These Six Things About Each Other

Honestly it is rare to hear the following six statements in the business world. These statements describe what individuals in great sports teams say about one another. They are indicators of a team with a strong shared identity. How does your team compare? It’s not...

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No team is the same, we adapt our approaches to the specific needs of the unique and differing teams we are invited to work with. We definitely don’t provide a ‘cookie-cutter’ developmental service.

We use evidence-based tools. Much of what is provided in the field of team development has not been reviewed, it has little or no evidence base. We use evidence-based tools to enable your team to become a great team.

We help your team identify the habits and behaviours, the performance needed to deliver exceptional results.  This combination makes us even more successful and even more unique.

We build your team’s shared identity, we help your team members move from ‘me’ to ‘we’. If a team has no shared identity, then it isn’t a team; it simply is a group of individuals who meet up. We build your team’s shared identity using a published peer reviewed technique called ‘TRIBE’. TRIBE is a trademarked tool developed by the Centre for Team Excellence in conjunction with The University of New South Wales and Sussex University.

We are specialists. Many consultancies provide team development services but very few solely focus on developing great teams. Why go to a generalist when you need specialist? We provide an outcome focused, one stop, tailored development service for your team. Team development is us, it is what we do and when we do it, we do it really well.